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Insights From the Hospitality Experts

You asked, we shared. Get tips for successful hotel management from our experts and industry veterans. Our hotel management and consulting specialists give their thoughts to trending questions.

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  • What do hotel management companies do?
    Hotel management companies run the daily operations, including the front and back of the house and all components and offerings within a hotel on behalf of an owner or investor. Hotel management companies also support clients with sales and marketing, revenue generation, technology, development and design, branding and renovations. Get in touch with Crescent to discover the possibilities.
  • What brands can a hotel management company manage?
    Hotel management companies can manage some brands and flag affiliates. Crescent is approved to manage all select and full-service brands within the Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and IHG families, including upper-upscale luxury brands. View our portfolio and see what brands we partner with.
  • Do you concept and operate restaurants and outlets?
    Yes, Crescent Restaurant Group designs spaces, culinary concepts and menus, and operates restaurants and outlets of various capacities and cuisines throughout the US and Canada. Learn more about our food and beverage services.
  • What services do hotel management companies offer?
    Ranked one of the top hotel management companies in the U.S. and Canada, Crescent Hotels & Resorts offers the following management services:
    • Revenue Enhancement
    • Pre-Transition Analysis and Planning
    • Brand and Franchisor Relations
    • Information Technology
    • Transparent and Accurate Reporting
    • Food and Beverage Services
    • Restaurant Concepts & Development
    • Capital Management
    • Permits and Licenses Administration
    • Accounting Services
    • Pre-Opening Services
  • Which regions does Crescent Hotels and Resorts manage in?
    Crescent Hotels & Resorts operates properties in all major markets throughout the United States, from New York to Florida to Texas and in Canada.
  • What is Latitudes by Crescent?
    Latitudes by Crescent is a collection of pure independent, boutique and soft branded lifestyle hotels and resorts overseen by a dedicated team. We are free-thinkers and norm-breakers. Our team of experienced professionals develops modern, individualistic and alternative concepts that connect with today’s travelers. From seaside resorts to independent boutiques hotels to golf, spa or urban experiences, we develop lifestyle travel experiences for hotels and resorts.
  • How can food and beverage services boost hotel revenue?
    Food and beverage services offer incremental value above and beyond a guest’s room revenue. Creative culinary concepts and unique restaurants capture both travel and local markets, boosting hotel revenue significantly. Developing the right food and beverage outlets for your hotels and resorts elevates the guest experience, positions you in the local market and improves overall profitability. Work with the Crescent Restaurant Group to discover how.
  • How do hotels use technology?
    Technology improves how hotels reach and engage travelers through digital marketing. It also helps owners and managers operate their properties and venues efficiently. Technology gives hoteliers the ability to track, analyze and find new opportunities through web-based analytics and financial intelligence tools.