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Golf Memberships

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Crescent Hotels & Resorts, Business Development

Crescent Golf Management creates and maintains North America's greatest golf destinations. At the heart of our offerings is a drive to exceed expectations with unforgettable experiences and excellent service. Supported by bold strategy and an innovative spirit, Crescent offers deep industry knowledge and an unparalleled history of success. Valued relationships with golf's best and brightest allow us to showcase world-class talent and focus on the core elements essential to success: people, product, and profit.

Golf Management

As one of the top management companies in North America, we provide the very best in synergistic package offerings and promotions, leveraging other business areas to increase value propositions. Crescent has a long track record and proven ability to drive membership growth through programming, value adds, pace tracking, and target marketing.

Crescent's associates are the foundation. Deep relationships with the industry's best and brightest from the PGA, LPGA, and Senior Tours allow us to showcase world-class talent. 

Every business decision starts with our associates, guests, members, and owners in mind. In a dynamic and ever-shifting landscape, we listen and pivot to adapt quickly and make sound business decisions that respond to current trends. We focus on the core elements that are essential to success: people, product, and profit. 

Success Stories
Proven success from years of hands-on experience in hotel and resort management and development.


Hotel Operations

Hotel Operations

The success of your hotel is the result of seamless operations, from guest experiences to financial management. Our hands-on management approach ensures your hotels are profitable.